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Presenting the Award-Winning BLACK TRIBBLES, a look at everything in geek culture by the 5-headed hairy hoard of Philly's own Black Tribbles. An insane network of delicious podcasts await you starting with the mothership, BLACK TRIBBLES PRIME, a weekly radio show broadcast on WPPM 106.5FM Philadelphia; GUTTER TALK weekly comic book shop talk from the Hero Complex in Manayunk; TRIBBLE NATION a monthly look into geek culture from a global perspective; plus current movie reviews in SPOILED TRIBBLES, season reviews of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones in DEAD TRIBBLES TALKING and THRONE OF TRIBBLES. We also present OCTAVIA CITY, our annual series of shows & specials dedicated to Afrofuturism and sci-fi author, the late Octavia Butler. And there's more to come. BLACK TRIBBLES is unofficial and not authorized, sponsored or licensed by CBS | They like us, though :) STAR TREK and TRIBBLES are ™ CBS Studios | BLACK TRIBBLES is ® Leonard Webb
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Sep 22, 2017

The Clown Princess of Crime HARLEY QUINN turns 25 years old and the Tribbles take the opportunity to look at the lore and lure of writer-artist Paul Dini and Bruce Timm's enduring multifaceted 'multi-personalitied' anti-hero/villian.

Sep 20, 2017

Issac Hayes, Yaphet Kotto and Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols are having so much fun chewing the scenery of 1974's TRUCK TURNER it's no wonder that Vince and Len have an equally fun time reviewing the blaxploitation classic.

Sep 15, 2017

The Black Tribbles celebrate the 300th episode of their flagship radio show with nostalgic memories, funny asides, heartfelt dedications and YOU - the one and only Tribble Nation!

Sep 13, 2017

Its seems that Driving Miss Daisy illicit quite a response from the Micheaux Missionaries; let's see what they think of 1992's animated feature BEBE's KIDS!

Sep 11, 2017

A real rocking superhero band could bleed all over the Hero Complex and JD and Len would never notice because IT happened!

Sep 8, 2017

The Black Tribbles take on the Justice League in all their glory! Hear chatter on Batman, Superman, and the rest; special interviews with SUSAN 'Wonder Woman' EISENBERG and PHIL 'GREEN LANTERN' LaMarr; CARL 'J'onn J'onnz' LUMBLY gets outed by the Tribbles and much much more! Plus the infamous BEYONCE as WONDER WOMAN debate!

Sep 7, 2017

The BatTribble and Johnny Destructo grouse over Marvel's Secret Empire, bridges too far, Optimus Prime's wings and much more!

Sep 6, 2017

Not is this one the longest episodes of the show; it may be the most heated exchanges Vince and Len have ever had when they sit down to review the 1989 Academy Award winning Picture of the Year DRIVING MISS DAISY, starring Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy.

Aug 30, 2017

The Men of Micheaux revel in the many shades of goodness in Marvel's THE DEFENDERS before enduring the task of waiting for 'just a little something more' from Jim 'The Dragon' Kelly in BLACK BELT JONES.

Aug 26, 2017

AUTUMN SIMMONS, the Quirky Tribble of The Quirk Chronicles on YouTube, reveals her Rebbie Jackson obsession and her controversial listing of THE TOP 10 BLACK TV SHOWS OF ALL-TIME. Hey, just where did GOOD TIMES land on the scale?

Aug 24, 2017

JD and Len welcome Randy aka R-Son back into the Complex just in time to meet the Crooked X Hill LIZ and drop panels of jewels on streaming networks, SnotGirl, artists doing good looking things, Battle Chasers and which Marvel chick is ready for those WOnder WOman hands.

Aug 20, 2017

The Men of Micheaux sit down with Actor/DJ DORIAN MISSICK and SIMONE MISSICK, the one and only 'Misty Knight' of Netflix and Marvel's Luke Cage and The Defenders to chop it up about the movie (and city) Detroit, Kid n Play vs Nice and Smooth, the sexuality of Halle Berry, Black Thought, Larenz Tate, Bill Bellamy and...oh yeah, we reviewed STRICTLY BUSINESS too.

Aug 18, 2017

Randy aka R-SON The Voice of Reason welcomes international DJ SKEME RICHARDS, the Career Crooks ZILLA ROCCA & SMALL PROFESSOR, mixologing socialite SUMMER WILLOW, music reviewer TOYA HAYNES, Micheaux Mission's VINCE WILLIAMS, DAN DINKINS of the Starting 5 Podcast, DefCon Jive's CANNON and JOHN & JOSH of Serious Rap Sh!t to talk about Kid n Play v Nice and Smooth, the loss art of creating an album, Google, the birth of hip-hop and so so much more!

Aug 18, 2017

JD and Len answer emails from their curvier fanbase, dangerously BLINK in the face of WHO and use Disney's impending Netflix exodus as a stepping stone to talk about comic book story adaptations good and bad.

Aug 18, 2017

It's JORDAN KAUWLING of the movie radio show Philly on Location joins the Men to revel in the warm tones, smart acting and skilled direction of Spike Lee's CROOKLYN, his greeting card to the 70s, family and growing up. Starring Alfre Woodard, Delroy Linda and Zelda Harris.

Aug 11, 2017

The PhillyCAM power tech duo JEFF BETHEA and GABRIELLE CASTRO sit in to run down the what not and what for on the TOP 10 Side-Kicks Ever including those from the world of comic books, video games, anime and even politics.

Aug 9, 2017

Class is in session - Acting Class that is - when a young Denzel Washington is outshine by the underrated Larry Riley and the gone-too-soon Adolph Caesar and Harold Rollins Jr. in Norman Jewison's adaptation of Charles Fuller's Pulitzer-Prize winning A SOLDIER'S STORY.

Aug 4, 2017

#crimingwhilewhite. #wtf. #representationmatters.#trusttheprocess. #melaninillustrated. All the hash-tags you know, love, and follow including #noconfederate and #misogyNO are on the table. Plus - Colin Kapernick - we're with you.

Aug 3, 2017

EXPLICIT - JD and Len are hot - very hot - under the collar about Twitter Trolls on the move again against innocent women innocently enjoying  a likely very decadent couple of milkshakes and they let the four letter words fly! Throw the headphones on the kiddies and put Steven Universe on 10.

Aug 2, 2017

Vince and Len love New Jack City. There really is nothing to say - Enjoy!

Jul 28, 2017

Acclaimed filmmaker M. ASLI DUKAN gives the skinny on her upcoming webseries RESISTANCE: THE BATTLE FOR PHILADELPHIA in the midst of a roll-call of historic eclectic provocative Science Fiction motion pictures that the Tribbles find yummy yummy!

Jul 27, 2017

What are the FIVE tenets of Geekdom? What gems make up the Geekfinity Gauntlet? What the hell are Len and JD talking about? It's all just GUTTER TALK to me :-)

Jul 26, 2017

Director Julie Dash wields an enchanted wand of lyricism dipped in the rich Southern history of turn of the century Gullah in DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST, an essential of black cinema as the Men of Micheaux begin to ease on down the road to episode 100.

Jul 23, 2017

We return to the Gutter to talk about Spiderman Homecoming, Daddy Butlers, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Steve Urkel, a new Doctor Who, Apes, Capes and all kinds of shapes and the early morning comic book run (apparently its a thing!)

Jul 21, 2017

Storm Tribble gathers another band of lady Tribbles for the annual GRRL Show! Supatang aka Pinot Tribble, Blair the Sailor Solar Flair Tribble and Cyborg Tribble Munk rehash the great TOP 10 BATTLES OF SAILOR MOON!

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